Astrological Concepts

Check this newly evolving space for quick orientation to astrological concepts and approaches.

1. You Are Unique

We are born into our lives on Earth through our mother and father, and the creative forces that moved and came through them. We live on this Earth along with other humans who have come here similarly. We affect each other through our interactions, and these experiences – the “raw material” of ourselves combined with the that of others – continually forms our subsequent choices. And so on and on the experience of our life evolves…

At Home in this Galaxy

The Earth itself is formed along with the other planets in our solar system as a product of the sun – our source – and similarly this community of celestial bodies affects each other. The sun carries us through the galaxy along its own orbital path (the ecliptic), subject to the broader forces of the constellations of stars it encounters on its journey around the ecliptic. We are borne onto planet Earth amidst this planetary and galactic background – the zodiac:

Wrap this 2-D map into a ring and imagine the sun traveling around it along the curved line. This path is known as the ecliptic, the sun’s constant cyclical journey around the galaxy – similar to how Earth orbits the sun. All of the signs of the zodiac are within this belt of the galaxy that the sun travels, and we with it.

The Cycle of Our Lived Experience

We each experience and grow through life in cycles of action, consolidation, and transformation. We act, we see the results, we learn, and act again, and on we go…The zodiac’s 12 signs likewise reflect this cyclic progression.

Elemental Forces

Our human presence is an integration spirit and matter manifesting through our own unique blending of fire, air, water, and earth – the elements that form our physical and energetic presence and form our journey through life. The planets and constellations of the zodiac are likewise combinations of these elements. We are born into a particular alignment with them, move through life with them, and so share the combined elemental influence they shine on each of us. Understanding what our particular elemental balance is helps us understand ourselves more deeply – our moods, our tendencies, our thoughts and feelings, our bodies…

Integration is Key to a Good Life

These layers of our earthly and cosmic presence and energies are aligned with each other. Depending on where our planets fall and how they move through the universe over the course of our lives, we manifest our experiences through the impetus of these combined elemental and life-cycle tendencies.They influence the unfolding of our lives – the way we move, think, feel, act, and react. Each of us is a unique outcome of the infinite possible combinations that these many forces may come together to express. We are born with the power to make the best of our cosmic inheritance, to meet our inherited challenges toward growth, happiness, and fulfillment. To do so we must direct our power with awareness of what it is, and with proper intention.


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