Intentional Astrology

Astrology helps us understand ourselves, our relationships with other people, and the situations in which we find ourselves over the course of our lives.

The Many Uses of Astrology

Readings can serve a wide variety of purposes. Common examples are personal natal charts, career changes, relationships, events, transitions, business ventures, children, money, health, relatives, home, travel, education, speculation, politics and world events, and more. The astrological chart provides an immense amount of information and possibilities, which can be viewed from your particular perspective at this juncture in your life.

The Science of Light, The Science of Time

Life comes through each of us with our own unique built-in challenges, lessons, and joys. Ease and difficulty come and go. The better we can perceive the road ahead of us and make sense of the road behind us, the better we can actively shape the journey. Astrology is a navigational tool that shows us the way.

You can have a lot of knowledge, be an expert at some things, be brave and energetic. You can be likable and charismatic. But how good is your timing, your decision-making? How much do you understand about your strengths and weaknesses? About the auspicious and inauspicious forces of the universe that act on you? What is the connection between “luck,” the circumstances around you and your own free will?

It is wise to understand the universal influencing forces of our lives, and with that understanding live better. Astrology reveals what these influences are – physically, materialistically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

The cosmic order into which we are born is our starting point in this life, with which we go forward and grow over time. We change along with the cosmos – how harmoniously is up to ourselves.


See yourself. Live the life you want. Understand better what that means for you.


You and your significant other or partner, the two of you as individuals making a life together.


Plan skillfully. Manifest vision. Function effectively, solo and with others.


Get a reading – or give a reading as a gift!

“I found my way to David and his work at exactly the perfect time!  David is highly educated in this field and his gentle nature really shines through in this work. I received a true sense of peace and acceptance from my reading with a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of my life and the forces at play. I left feeling incredibly grounded and more confident with my current situation. Having the recording to refer back to has been a very useful tool for me when I feel I need some guidance. I’m so grateful to have had this experience.”  – A.K.