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5 March 2022War in Ukraine Unfolds. The two leaders Zalenskyy and Putin might not be able to get “more opposite” to each other than they already are – in temperament, in their impact on humanity.

Putin’s actions reflect the shadow of human beings. From my previous post, we can easily see how Putin’s astrological makeup is conducive to cruel and destructive tendencies, which he now focuses by scarring Ukraine and its people. The ripple effect of the disaster in Ukraine is of course also being felt around the world.

Zelenskyy’s actions and words on the other hand reflect the side of humanity that moves in the light. We see a man whose inherent nurturing spirit applies to all scales of humanity – Ascendant in Taurus he stands on firm ground, inherently nurturing and able to rise to the occasion (Cancer Moon in third-sign / fourth-house combination), and sense the broader mood of the moment. Zelenskyy’s 4th lord Sun in the 9th in Capricorn conjunct 1st lord Venus is a powerful rajayoga, a highly auspicious combination that bodes well for manifesting a beautiful life, not just for himself, but as part of the greater values being expressed by the large majority of the entire human population. Appealing to the good of humanity, the humanness of us all, the world has united around Ukraine.

Saturn in Leo in the 4th lends some modesty to Zelenskyy’s demeanor as well as a degree of satisfaction, a strong counterpoint against any tendency toward Putinesque megalomania. Saturn is yogakaraka being lord of both the 9th and 10th, exchanging lordship with the 4th lord Sun in Capricorn, a combination that leads to mutually beneficial sharing of strength and positive attributes of both planets.

Jupiter in Gemini, but also in the 1st house enables his expansive ideas to fuel his own rise and give him momentum as his Moon-Jupiter cycle currently runs. Around October of this year Zelenskyy may see a shift into a more stable situation as Saturn’s subcycle rises. But for now, the situation in Ukraine gets worse by the minute…

The future is uncertain. Zelenskyy is in a good position to lead, if he is allowed to continue. The mounting global unity in support of Ukraine and against Putin’s Russia is unprecedented in human history. Their respective fates will continue to play out on the world stage. Even if Ukraine is cast out of the play for an act, expect its reprise and redemption before the story is finished.

11 February 2022 – Vladimir Putin: the beginning of his end

Charismatic by nature (Moon exalted in 7th-house Taurus), Vladimir Putin has used his fierce and twisted power-mongering combination of Scorpio rising followed by Mars in second-house Sagittarius to manifest his materialistic opportunism (11th-house Sun along with Saturn in Virgo). The easy wealth and luck he has gotten by burning his enemies (2nd-house ruler Jupiter in Aries the 6th) is about to end, as his Saturn cycle has recently ended. Next major planetary phase ruler 8th and 11th lord Mercury is sitting in the 11th house, which may mean shorter-term success and gains through “darker” ventures, but losses and reversal of fortune could be sudden as Mercury sits early in 12th sign of loss and closure, in Libra where the scales of justice will not be held off. How long until his fall is a little difficult to pinpoint exactly, but I predict no more than a few years.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will not be defeated. Major planetary cycle Jupiter dominates the scene and will retain its brilliant Leo self-exertion as it grows further into its own individual sovereignty by weathering Putin’s storm.



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