Get a Reading

“I found David’s astrological reading extremely helpful and insightful. It made my life path and issues more clear and also illuminated issues I had in my relationship. It was a very positive experience. I have recommended his readings to several other people.”  – I.W.

How it Happens

People seek an astrology reading for all kinds of reasons. What are you looking for? What do you want to know? To achieve? What is your intention? What do you want to manifest in your life?

I prefer an in-person reading whenever possible, but virtual (zoom, skype, teams, etc.) also works just as well. Usually we preface this with a brief exchange (phone, email, or whatever) to provide your basic birth data and a little orientation. I record the reading session (unless you say you’d rather not) so that you can listen to it again whenever you want. You also receive a pdf of your chart for your reference. Plan on 60-90 minutes; in some cases we take longer – my goal is that the reading feels “complete.”

“I really enjoyed David’s approach to astrology and what came through in my reading with him. He’s thoughtful and supportive in the information he provides to you. With my reading, he was able to drill down to give me specific answers for questions I had during a time of transition in my career, as well as taking a step back and giving me a broad understanding and overview of my chart. I truly enjoyed my reading.” – O.C.


A follow-up a month or so after the initial reading is a way to deepen one’s understanding of the reading and your influence on the unfolding of your circumstances, and make further use of your astrological chart. In some cases, additional periodic check-ins can help you navigate over the longer term. These sessions are generally shorter than an initial reading (usually no more than 60 minutes).

Annual Charts

Every year on our birthday we start another trip around the sun, another solar cycle of our life. Based on your birth chart, we can generate a chart for this new year that provides additional specific information about what lies in store for the year ahead, what possibilities may arise. Annual charts are an excellent tool for planning and guidance on any given area of interest one has.

Regular Chart Work

The more we work with our astrological charts, the deeper we understand ourselves and the unfolding of our lives, and the greater our ability to evoke the proper response from the world around us. I offer arrangements of periodic reading sessions based on individual needs and interests. This is a unique way to receive guidance and tap the support that the universe has available to you.


Gift Cards

Readings make great gifts that keep on giving! To order a gift card for someone, please contact me.


As a practice I respond quickly. Sometimes I go on retreat and disconnect from the cyber world, then it takes a little longer.