Get a Reading

How it Happens

People seek an astrology reading for all kinds of reasons. What is your intention?

The astrological chart provides an immense amount of information and possibilities. What applies to you and your situation?

I prefer an in-person reading whenever possible, but virtual (zoom, skype, teams, etc.) also works just as well. I record the session (unless you say you’d rather not) so that you can listen to it again whenever you want. You also receive a pdf of your chart for your reference. Plan on 60-90 minutes; in some cases we take longer – my goal is that the reading feels “complete.”


A follow-up a month or so after the initial reading is a way to deepen one’s understanding of the reading and your influence on the unfolding of your circumstances, and make further use of your astrological chart. These sessions are generally shorter than an initial reading (usually no more than 60 minutes) and are available at a lower fee.


As a practice I respond quickly. Sometimes I go on retreat and disconnect the cyber world, then it takes a little longer.

email: [email protected]

…as a backup if you don’t get a fast enough response try also: [email protected]